Updated website!

As you can see we exteded our blogging capabilities by implementing the awesome open source, on node.js/javascript based, blogging engine Ghost in our website setup.

History: Our website setup

Our first website (created somewhere in 1994) was based on plain HTML/Apache and morphed via Apache/PHP/HTML (and later also using client based javascript with AJAX and Ext.js) to NodeJS/Express/HTML with client and server using Javascript as the programming language.

After the last complete overhaul one thing was still missing: a blogging engine. Searching through the dark voids of the internet we found one heck of an blogging engine totally based on javascript and NodeJS. It was called Ghost. The only problem was that it was almost impossible to integrate the server code of 'tolsma.net' with the Ghost code at that point in time.

Three releases of Ghost later the development team of Ghost implemented programatic use of Ghost in other NodeJS applications. So here it is!!! :-)

SessionStore problem on Firefox

When integration Ghost with the 'tolsma.net' code and website we found one small problem with the use of the HTML SessionStore. Luckally someone already found a solution to the problem: Eric Meijer


Adding Ghost to an existing Node.js Express webserver application is in essence very easy if you know what to change in your existing code and the Ghost config file.

In a later article we will come back to how we integrated standard NodeJS/Express web server code with Ghost. See you later!!